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Make icons stay inline in repeating groups

It seems that each time I put several icons at the end of a line in a repeating group, the last Icon tends to move to the line under. Obviously due to width parameters, but can"t make it work properly even with fixed width. Not the first time it happens, so I am wondering if there is a bug about that.

@catinota I’ve ran into this problem previously. The fix I used was to just group the elements. That seemed to make them stay in place. I believe you also need to make the group a fixed width. “make this element fixed width” checkbox.

Nope, all grouping options have been tested (2 elements, 3 elements, etc…), nothing works. with and without fixed width

do all the elements also have fixed width?

yes. Finally I needed to ungroup all and no fixed width. I don’t get it, but now it works, although grouping can be needed for feature reason. Thanks Joseph.

:man_facepalming: Sometimes these types of problems kill me. I’ve done that before. Put all the elements in the RG then it didnt work. grouped them all, still didnt work. then ungroup them all and it works. Glad you figured it out :+1: