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Make Multidropdowns "Input should not be empty"

I noticed that multidropdowns don’t have the option for “input should not be empty” like other inputs do. Is there a way to make that happen for multidropdowns?

I never noticed this before, I am guessing that it is because Creator’s might want to specify the exact number of items as a Minimum. So instead we can put a Condition on the Button / action that the users takes after using the Dropdown,

Put the condition on the Button (When MultiDropdown’s Value:count < 1 -> show popup, or set focus input, etc.)
And then condition it the other way… (When MultiDropdown’s Value:count > 0 -> continue with desired workflows)

You can change the numbers if the User must select more than 1 item

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Thanks, I’ll give it a try!

Did you get this working with the multi-input?

Hi @mohamad.r.khan , sorry I haven’t got around to trying yet.

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