Mutli-Dropdown has no "input should not be empty" property

I am unable to find an option on the multi-dropdown to require that it isn’t empty. Why? I have seen a few posts that reference this but none of them received an answer.

  1. If there is an answer somewhere in the forums, point me to it.

  2. If there isn’t, why is this setup this way? This is a great control and I have used it now three paces before I realized there was no ability to require a value.

I would imagine this is easy to add because I hacked a way to do it by copying the style used for an invalid input and then using a count of the values in the multi-dropdown and hiding another input on the page behind something else so that I could use the isValid property to automatically stop the page page workflow. It works, but yuck This should be a property of the control.


@emmanuel @josh

I’m wondering about the same thing - doesn’t seem like it’s high priority?

I may have to use the workaround you mentioned @mguerrasio

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