Make text appear in a specific user's page

I have the following scenario:

An user does something. There’s a blank text box for feedback. In a different page, admin has a group with Current Cell’s Task 1 creator email, a checkbox if the task is done, an Input field and a Submit button. Admin needs to type something there, and it must be shown on the User’s text box. When an user does the task, a thing called Task 1, field OK (yes/no) is created.

When admin clicks submit, a new text field (Feedback) is created in Task 1. I want this text to be seen on the User text box. I can’t do it. This Thing/field doesn’t appear unless I use “Search for Task 1’s Feedback…” I think I need to tell it to search for a line where the current email coincides with whatever Feedback is typed, then show it, but then I’ve no idea how to do it, if possible.

Any ideas would be welcome