Display information from Database

Hi Bubblers,
I have a problem with a little app I am building, I have an input box with a button. I also have database with users and their ID.

I want that when a user inputs his ID into the app and presses enter, the app should display a welcome message and the name of the user.

Please you help is needed.

Hi @bosunjohnson,

Add a Text Box to your page. For the Text Box, add a ‘Welcome Message’. In the dynamic field, Do a Search For “Unique ID = Input Enter your Unique ID’s Value”. Add the “First Name” or whatever you want to welcome them by.

*Set the text box to “This element is visible on page load” to false by unchecking the box.

Click on the Enter button, and start workflow.

Choose the option to “Show” the Text Welcome Search for Users option.

Obviously, you can make it look much better, just wanted to show you the process.

Should be good to go. Let me know if you need more help with this.



Thanks @lantzgould. I have tried what you suggested but see the error I get.

The system is not allowing me to “Do a search for” User’s Firstname. How can I achieve that?

Solved now.

The problem was that I did not make the input field integer. It was a text.

Sweet! Let me know if you need any other help. :+1:

I need your help here too. Thanks