Making a basic app with daily tasks


I am very new to bubble and I am trying to make a simple app that allows the user to input tasks. I have this bit done, new tasks are stored in a database and displayed in a list.

Now i want to be able to tick or swipe to mark a task as done for the day - I can probably work that bit out but I have no idea how to get the task to reappear on the next day (or the next week if its a weekly job). What am i missing?

Thank you!

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You’ll have to set a date range for the task when it is created. Then in the repeating group that you display the list, you need to check for all the tasks that are valid for the current date. This should help solve it.



Thanks for this. So far i have managed to make a list of all of the jobs and an icon that allows you to delete the job (very similar to the tutorial).

however what i want to be able to do is to essentially mark the job as done for today, but have it add itself to the list again tomorrow (at 1am say).

I thought about adding a value to each job created - “Is Live = 1” and then setting the list to display items with Is Live 1 and setting the icon to deduct 1 from “Is Live”. However i cant quite figure out how to do it - or how to add 1 to all 0 values at a specified time.

Any guidance is appreciated, thanks!

Hi @DrNinjamonkey, a few thoughts:

If you are on a non-hobby plan, you can use API workflows to help with this. Let’s say you have a yes/no field on your Job object called Complete. When you mark a job as done for the day - thus changing its Complete to yes - you’ll want to schedule an API workflow for the beginning of the next day. So the schedule time would be Current date/time: change hours to 0: change minutes to 0: change seconds to 0. This API workflow would intake your Job object and simply switch the Complete back to no. Your repeating group source would be search for Jobs with Complete = no.

If you don’t have access to API workflows, I’d use a field on your Job object called Completion date. When you mark a job as done for the day, you set this Completion date field to the Current date/time. You’ll then want to set up your repeating group data source like the example here.

Let me know if I can clarify any of this!

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Thank you so much, i think its working!

@DrNinjamonkey No problem :smiley: Glad to hear it’s working (or at least heading in the right direction!)

The right direction for sure. Now to work out how to add daily / monthly jobs and to be able to delete one permanently. Hopefully i can figure that out and then move on to making something useful.

Thank you again for your help.