Create a "thing" everyday

Hello! I’m new to bubble and loving it. (I’m a developer a my full time too!)

I’m working on building a personal task manager for myself. I currently use a spreadsheet version of it and want to make it a bubble app.

I want to create a “day” thing everyday. After some research it seems that using zapier to send an api call to my work flow to create a “day” would work. I felt like there may be a better way?

So for example if I log into the app I would like a “day” thing already created for today. The day thing will contain a list of “todo” things that I add/remove/etc

So the homepage will show today’s “day” thing with the “todo” things.

Once it passes midnight in my set timezone, I would like a new “day” thing created. So when I log in again, the new “day” thing is used. Underneath it I would have a list of the previous “day” things.

Thinking further ahead if I decide to try and get users onto it, they would need to set their timezone so that the proper timing is correct. So having a zapier api call once a day wouldn’t really work.

Any thoughts on how I could do this?


I don’t think you need zapier.
You can schedule an Api Workflow. This workflow will run and create another Schedule for next day.

Also, according to what you say. You don’t need a flow at all.
Just a Repeating Group list that Set to Todo thing with a Search item where Due date is > current date set hour 0 set min 0 and Due date < current date set hour 23 set min 59

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running a daily workflow would then require the “Professional” plan though right?

but this wouldn’t create a new “day” thing would it?

How I have it set up is

Data type - User

  • Day (List of Days)

Data type - Day

  • Day Date
  • Focus Sessions (List of Focus Sessions)

Data type - Focus Session

  • Todo (text)

No. This is an API workflow that you schedule. Not the same thing that recurring workflow.

You will not create a new thing and you don’t need todo that.
For what you need is just to use a Search and apply correct filter.