How to always display two digits in numbers?

Hello all,

Does anyone know how to always display two (or more) digits when showing numbers?

For example:

09 instead of 9
04 instead of 4
032 instead of 32

and so on…


If the number isn’t used for calculation purposes, you can use the input format called Text (numbers only) and have the related data field a a text input.

Yes, but then it does not show the zeroes in front of the number. Its shows 9 instead of 09 for example. ;(

@felipe - to @dan1’s point, if the # isn’t used in calculation, you can try doing a “find and replace”


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+1 to @nikolai’s point.

As well, if you keep it as a text field, you can save the item in the database with a leading zero + input’s value.

hummmm… yeah, that seems to work! I’ll put that in action and get back to you guys! Tks a lot, in advance!

Yes! It worked, just as described above! Thank you all.

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