Making a search bar for buttons

Hi guys,
In my bubble app I want to make a search bar only for buttons. My app includes a lot of buttons and I want to make is easier for the user to find a button of there choice. So how do I make the search bar so that the user can search the name of a button an that button will come up?

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by a ‘search bar for buttons’…

But I’m guessing that ‘Button’ is a datatype in your app, yes?

In which case you probably wan to use a ‘search box’ element, set to search dynamic choices, of type ‘buttons’, with the field to search set as ‘Name’.

Sorry if I was unclear.
My app has lots of dishes and how to make them. I have a page with all the dishes, each dish is a button and over time I will get more dishes and I want to make it easier for the user of my app to find a dish of there choice by letting them search for the dish. For example lets say the user wanted to find pizza he would go and search ‘pizza’. My question is how do you make the search bar like this?

Just add a search box (that’s the easiest way).

Or you could add an input and then use the value to filter the repeating group of dishes.

Sorry if I’m asking for so much, I’m new to bubble.
Do you know how to make a search box? If so, could you tell me please.

Just click on the search box element and add it to your page…

It sounds like you haven’t got the basics of using Bubble under your belt yet, so the best bet is to learn how to use it first.

This is the best place to start:

Videos | Bubble

The reason I asked you how to do it is because I have added the search box element to my app already and it did not work but thanks for tying to help.

What exactly didn’t work?

If you want to be more specific with your question, and add some screenshots of what you’ve done and what happened etc. then I’m sure someone will be able to give some more specific help (otherwise it’s hard to know what help to give).

So feel free to share mor info about what you’ve done so someone can see where you’re going wrong…

Its ok, thanks for all your help.

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