Manage margins/ width of elements in Bubble

Hello Bubblers,
I have a question about designing Bubble pages. I am currently designing my app menu, and I want to have 3 fixed buttons on my page. For some reason, it all fits on my editor page, but it doesn’t on the debugger…

Editor view

Debugger view

I assume that it has something to do with margins, but I can’t pinpoint exactly what I am doing wrong. Btw, here are the settings of the buttons. I want them to keep the same width to have enough space for the text and the icons.

Do you have any ideas of what settings I need to fix ? Thanks

In your editor you need to click “Responsive” in the top left corner.
Then click on an element. In the window change the fixed margin to left for the left element, center for the center element and right for the right element.
Hope that helps :blush:

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Hey, thanks for the tip, I did that and after tweaking it a little bit I got the results I wanted :slight_smile:


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