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Managing external link to Box, and play MP3!


Just discovered “Bubble”, and I’m struggling to make it do what I need :slight_smile:

My need is:

  • I need to play audio or video files, which are available on Box.
  • I need to be able to store MP3 via my interface (using FIleUplader)

For now, I have:

  • Stored all these files in a server (because I need to know which MP3 are available, and I need to manage them)
  • I make a link (for now, static) to the Box account with the embedded audio player in Bubble

Example: “

And… Nothing happens when I click on the “play” button!

Who’s got already experienced this?

Thanks !!!


When you have a problem and want help for, it’s usually best to post a link, otherwise it’s all very theoretical. At least, some screenshots of your settings.

Hello Emmanuel,

Indeed, you are right.
I’m trying a basic use of “circleJplayer”, but linked to a “Box” account as the “bubble storage” cannot give me the traceability/retrieval of my files (unless I missed the way to do it?)

Here is the link to my page:
(don’t bother with the video, I managed id :slight_smile: )

Thanks to the community for its help!