Managing Sub App Domain for a Shopify clone

I was wondering if we could automatically create a sub app when someone signs up for a shop on my shopify clone.

I want to offer webshop services without manually creating a sub app and attaching a domain name to it.

Can this be automated with workflows?

@nocodeventure There is no “action” to create new Bubble sub-applications.

@Bubble is a kind of “Bubble App API” enabling us to manage our apps on the roadmap ? or at least an API to manage an app’s sub-apps ?

that would bring power possibilities for anyone who wants to offer his clients a white label service.

Since there is no API to list and manage all sub-apps’s parameters such as keys, name, logo, user access, etc, right now, I would not advice anyone to create sub-apps if the number of sub-apps remains limited. As a reseller, if any single change asked by a client need to open a sub-app in the edorir, it is not manageable in the medium term wihtout automation.

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This is a limiting factor as I want to create a webshop service where the setup is automated. I can also hire an automated bot to do the manual work.

Or I can have a landing page where the user logs in and they have an awaiting subdomain and I put in the information manual. But that would be a short term fix.