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I was wondering is it possible with bubble to create custom domains for clients. Say for example you have a CRM system that you made in Bubble, but wanted each user that signed up to be able to create their own domain i.e and could you do that with one app? Or would you need to create sub apps or clone apps? Im thinking more from the perspective of you wouldn’t want to manually have to clone an app when someone purchases as in this day and age people expect things instantly.



I believe this is the realm of Sub-Apps which is avaliable under the higher paying plans.

Sub apps can help for this, but the domains cannot be done automatically (nor the creation of sub apps).

Ah okay thank you anyway, just a question that popped into my head and nothing I need to worry about immediately :slight_smile:

Hi @chrislarge305
I’m also been interested in this feature as well and there are several posts about the subject that I track from time to time.

I think @philip has went through this experience.


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Brilliant thanks vascolucci those links will come in handy to check :slight_smile:

Hey Vascolucci, I had a look at those links and came up with a little idea of creating a bot to go through the manual procedures. I.e fill out the domain etc etc and that could be combined with the bubble API. Im not in the position to try this / need this right now but it could be a path worth pursuing in the meantime if you need it now. You could use something like or . Im not sure if it would be the most “stable” solution not as much as actually having it exposed as an API at least but it may get you through. Im also not sure if it would be frowned upon by bubble (i.e against ToS or something) I guess @emmanuel will be able to tell us.

Interesting tools @chrislarge305

I’ll look into them and see what I come out with.

Not a problem, i’ve recently purchased ubotstudio so just trying it out myself let me know if you wanted me to knock you something up I wouldn’t mind a real practice scenario!


did you see any progress about it since ?

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