Manipulating values of a list custom state: possible or not?

You’re not really missing anything, @gallahad11. As you noted in your original post, you could use List Shifter to manage the list of quantity values. I actually demonstrate that in a video I made about shopping carts.

Even then, it’s maybe a touch more complex than it needs to be. (Because List Shifter is a general solution for manipulating lists.)

Your original post got me thinking about this problem again (shopping carts and parallel lists/arrays of values) and I was sort of surprised to see that there’s not any plugins in the store that address this.

So the other day I started a new plugin to help with this use case. The interface part is done but the rest of the code and actions are still in progress.

Of course there are other things you’d want a cart-related plugin to handle, such as using local storage to make the cart persistent, which List Shifter doesn’t help with.

No firm ETA on when I might have this finished, but it’s something I’m working on. In the meantime, to understand how you might address this with List Shifter (and the general issues involved in client-side vs “vanilla Bubble” carts), I’ll post a link to the video I’m talking about…

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