Manually creating a Data type

Hey, I have a load of workflows that are built off a data type connected to an API. I now need the data to come from another source. Rather than rebuild the WFs I’m instead trying to recreate the data type and inject the new data.

I’ve constructed a JSON object this way using the toolkit plugin and Bubble accepts it.

But for some reason the Bubble isn’t reading the data, even though in the server logs i can see the JSON file with data in.

Anyone tried doing something similar before? I’m so close but have run out of ideas.

You mean as a string, yeah? Unfortunately Bubble can’t do anything with that except treat it as a string. Bubble doesn’t support arbitrary objects.

You can fake it out in a weird way by abusing the API Connector, but you cannot create Thing-like objects in this way.

Cheers Keith

So this is the JSON file I’m creating which replicates the object that is returned to make the ‘Search Tweet’ data type.

What is odd to me is that the WFs happily accept this JSON file and they run as expected, it’s just that the data is empty.

I’ll have a look around for the API Connector posts.