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Map current marker not accurate

The problem I faced is that after making changes to the Map’s list, the map is no longer accurate.

Please try this to understand what I mean:
Select map marker > Click Add button > Repeat until the error happens

What you will experience:
The marker you have selected no longer accurate as it will select another map marker.

Thank you for helping and feel free to ask for more information as I am bad at explaining :joy:

Hey @ben.nes

I would love to help give me sometime to reach my pc

I don’t have access to your app. Add me as a collaborator so i can help


I made the app public, but I cannot add collaborator as my plan is not professional. Let me know if I missed any steps!
Thank you for your assistance!


Dear Ali,

Please have a look at this video, this might make my question clearer!

Notice how I selected a map marker but the map only detects another.

Looks like it is a bug. The “current Marker” is not getting set.

Tried adjusting it so that a workflow set the group’s data. But that had the same issue.

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Thank you NigelG,

Is there anyone I can report this bug to?

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