Automatic Zoom doesn't update map when markers change

I have the Data Source of the map based on a search result which is selected from the dropdown element. The recentering happens only the first time I change the selection.
I would expect the map to recenter each time a new set of markers are updated.
I have unselected Set center and Zoom manually. See following link for example:

Hi @blastercbi :slight_smile: Welcome to the Forum! Can you temporarily set your app to public and share a link to the editor? I recreated your setup but my map does adjust the center and zoom each time the marker is changed. Happy to take a look at your app!



Can’t seem to set it to public since I’m not on a payed plan yet. The difference between mine an yours is that I am using a search for in the data source with multiple markers, see image below:

I’ve noticed this too, my map displays a list of markers and when these changes the zoom doesn’t update, even though I adjust the zoom in a workflow. Have to press two times in order to get the map adjust the zoom.

Also there is another issue with the marker caption. To reproduce:
In the previous example I have,

  • Click on a marker, a caption will show up.
  • Close the caption window
  • Change region with dropdown and back again, the caption window will be open.

@blastercbi @jaos.pcl are your maps and workflows set up in this way?



I don’t have any of those errors with the map not zooming or the title window showing when it’s not supposed to for some reason.

If you’d like to share a link to your app, I’d be happy to take a look! You can do this by going to Settings --> General --> Application Rights and select “Everyone can view (or edit)”, then copy the app editor’s URL and paste it in a new forum reply here :slight_smile:

I’m not 100% sure but I think the zoom isn’t automatically adjusting because the data source is staying the same (even though the Region constraint value changes depending on the dropdown’s value, causing the list of markers to change). I’m not sure if it has always been this way or if it’s a bug. I added this workflow which looks like it makes the automatic zoom occur each time the dropdown is changed:

Thanks, using the workflow works! The other problem with the caption window reopening is still there though.

No problem! :slight_smile: And ah, I see that behavior in your example app now too; I think that’s a bug as well:

My setup is slightly different. Don’t know why it’s not adjusting. I’ve marked to workflows. I’m afraid you won’t be able to preview and test it since it’s location based.

Thank you for taking your time!

@jaos.pcl No problem! :slight_smile: Here is a similar example using the Search&Autocorrect plugin:



In this example there are two workflows which change the Map’s data source depending on the search input’s value. Even though your repeating group is set to display the Search&Autocorrect plugin’s values, I think the Search Input workflows are needed to adjust the zoom.

When the search input is empty, all of the Locations are displayed in the repeating group and on the map:

This shows all of the Locations in the repeating group and on the map because of this workflow:

The second workflow occurs when the search input isn’t empty, which shows the Search&Autocorrect plugin’s Matches in the repeating group and on the map:

It looks like this changes the zoom as needed when using that plugin, but let me know if not in your app! :slight_smile:

*Edit: I also added this workflow which zooms in on a Location if it’s clicked in the repeating group:


Thank you so much! Will test it out! :slight_smile:

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