Map marker customization

Hi anyone can help me to customize the google map markers. Workflow or a api connector logic
I used zero code plugin but doesn’t work.

What do you want to do ? Make the markers your own design using an SVG ?

my map must display the location of the database each location is linked to a type such as transport or sport location …
I want that according to these types the markers change its icon

yup looking for the same solution. Using custom map marker i guess. Paid ones I think available in the plugin directory

Check out this video tutorial it may be what you’re looking for Setup Google Maps in Bubble - Tutorial - YouTube.

If you’re looking for a setup that is like having restaurants as blue pins, gas stations as red pins and banks as blue pins all on the same map, this is not possible with the out-of-the-box functionality and I’m unfamiliar with paid plugin options at the moment.

But one possible solution is a dropdown that shows or hides map element based on someone’s filtering criteria and if the dropdown filters for banks, then show the map element with blues, etc.

Hope that helps.