Set up Custom Map with Conditional Markers

I’m looking for a freelancer to build a custom map with conditional, data-driven markers. The standard Bubble maps element doesn’t have this capability, but I believe it can be done using an API with Google Maps, Mapbox, or others.

General scope:

  • Display a map with a list of things on it from a bubble data field
  • Change the map marker (color, style, etc) based on different data points on that thing (3 fields)
  • Map marker should work without having to store an icon with every thing like the standard Bubble map element requires
  • Map should have the ability to show lines between two things (not a “route” per se, just a line between two data points)

Can anyone help with this?


I can help you in setting up custom map along with other scope of work mentioned by you.
Please get in touch with me over email to discuss this further in detail. Or skype me: live:amanda_17153