Uber Map Pin Drag

Really need this feature for my website.

Set the pin to the center of the map and allow a user to drag the map underneath it.

Just need reverse geocoding to turn lat/long into an address.

I think there would be a ton of use cases for this.

@emmanuel Please! :smile:

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Yes, it is possible to do with a couple of N/S and E/W buttons. But not drag.

So how would that work? You drag the map and it returns an address?

No, I haven’t found a way to drag the map. You can move a pin on the map with buttons setting lat/long.

This would be awesome and I think the only thing needed here would be a way to access whatever location the map is currently centered on. I believe that the way uber works is that you move a map and a pin hovers above it, in the center. So maybe adding a state to the map element?


We just added this. Look for ‘center address’ after the Google Map element in the composer.


Uber awesome :slight_smile:

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I’m having trouble finding this feature. Could someone please screenshot where it is. Thanks!

See this https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=map&id=forum_app&tab=tabs-1

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Ok i get it…

That’s exactly what i was looking for. I must admit out of the development apps i have working with, bubble’s support and attention to user forums has really been amazing. thanks for that!

By the way, how do i determine the center of the map? @emmanuel


You mean to drop the pin in edit mode?

Ya, how do i know if the pin is actually at the center of the map. The only option available is center relative to parent and that is only applicable horizontally and relative to the group

I don’t have a good answer for this one yet, still thinking about it, but in the meantime you can do what I did in the forum app. Have another map and compare :slightly_smiling: then delete the other map.

Alright I think i got a workaround. Using the attached google sheet. I welcome everyone’s input on it, i think i got the right answer, but then again its 2 AM here and i am exhausted.

P.S Please update us if you’re changing the formula

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What problem does the above solve ?

I just stuck a little target icon in the middle of the map.

Determining the center of the map. Basically where to place the icon so addresses can be extracted based on the icon placement.

Ah, ok. Not sure why it doesn’t work for me. I get the top tip of the icon.

I am looking more toward a solution that is not dependent on an actual address, rather anywhere on the map like a treasure hunt…ideally, there would be GPS coordinates displayed.

Bubble stores the nearest address and GPS as one.

So you get some odd addresses in the middle of ocean, but it still works as you have described.

That’s a huge help Nigel thank you. I can use the GPS and disregard the address. It appears that the coordinates are accurate enough…