Mapbox through API Connector

Hello everyone.
Has anyone used Mapbox through API connector in their apps? I only saw tutorials about plugins (but all of them are not free), so I was wondering if there is any other way to do it. I would be very grateful if you could share the details of how you used and installed Mapbox API.

What is your goal? Get directions? Yes you can do it with API Connector

I just want put markers on map. I used Leafy Maps plugin (it used Leaflet library and Mapbox token) but it stopped working and updating. So I was wondering if there is something like that plugin or we can do with API connector the same thing as did plugin Leafy Maps.

Api connector will probably not be enough and you may need to use js for client side and map rendering. You can build your own plugin

Did the plugin stop working or are you just talking about the warning it gives you?

I’m talking about the warning.

Have you done something like that before?

Ohh that’s just a warning for two of the actions we probably don’t use. And he’s working on updating it soon

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That’s great. But I am still curious about how to do it through API Connector if it’s possible.

API Connector is good for sending requests and getting responses, but there’s no way the API connector can draw an element on screen, plot markers, let you navigate the map rendering tiles, that is all stuff is why plugins exist :blush:

You can draw markers, polygons and routes through a combination of HTML (Mapbox GL JS) and API. Currently I’m using this for Map Matching waypoints saved through a navigation route. I send the array of Long,Lat and allow the API to return the matched coordinates to the road, and then paint it on the map using JS.

Hi @aestela - It sounds like you are very familiar with Mapbox GL JS! Maybe you can help me understand what I need for my desired action? I want to display user-submitted stories to a Mapbox map and and have readers be able to browse these stories. How can I link the bubble data id to Mapbox? (Can I use the Mapbox plugin or do I need to learn the JS?)

Ex: An author writes a story set in a certain place and lists the location (this location is stored in the bubble database). Mapbox then displays the story as if it were a restaurant, store, etc.