Stuck with Maps! (Not using Google Maps API)

Hello everybody! Hope you’re having a great sunday!

I am stuck with my Maps functionality, I need to show maps on my website basically shipments map (not live tracking) just 2 markers (pickup and delivery location pin) for each shipment. I am not using Maps API for some reasons!

Is there any plugin or any other alternative way to do that?

User Flow:
A user (buyer) bought a product and now in their shipment page, a map image or element automatically displays the location of product pickup to delivery using map pins!

Please help me out! I am super stuck in it!

Hi @ubaidziad, welcome to the Bubble forum!

Google Maps and Mapbox would be the two most popular map APIs for Bubble apps, so if you’re keen to avoid Google Maps then Mapbox is probably worth exploring.

There are a number of Mapbox plugins available on the marketplace. I’ve built one (see link here) that you can use to add pins (or markers) to a map. See the video tutorial below for full details.

Any questions, just let me know :slight_smile:

Hello, can you do something with turn by turn directions?

Something like this

I will look into it! Thank you!

For now, I am using custom states to get the job done!

Hi @ceomike41, sorry for the late reply!

You can add in navigation functionality with the Beautiful Maps - Mapbox plugin, although it doesn’t currently support turn-by-turn directions (it shows all the steps at once):

You can check out this video for instructions on how to do this:

Any questions just let me know :slight_smile: