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Maps Route - REAL NEED

I know i have been giving allot of ideas and suggestions lately. But honestly I need most of these things to be able to complete my app. maybe even later i will post a wish list :wink:

I require to create something like this on my map. And i really really really need it!!!

The thing is i know i can do some it using an HTML element. but how do i return the data back to bubble. I would need mileage, or distance to come back into bubble so i can calculate the cost. Please someone HELP!

The thing is we can return all sort of amazing things from Google MAP API. Polygons or shapes are also a necessity

Come on Bubble make my dreams come true :slightly_smiling:

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That’s something we would do on a sponsored basis I think. Reach out if you want to talk about it.

I have two fields created in the database and I too want to have a line between them…

This should map a direct route across the map from one point to the other directly vs. following a roadway.

How can this be done? @emmanuel

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Where does something like this go? Where do I put this exactly?

Right now I’m using Google maps.

I’ve got two addresses saved in two fields in the db and need a DIRECT LINE (flight path) from one to another.

You put it in an HTML element, and send the end points in.

I would imagine that Google has a map that allows you to draw a line in the same way as you can do the route above.

Finding it … is another matter :slight_smile:

Yeah that is what I thought and I tried that but it doesn’t want to work it seems despite the other thread doing the same thing with success…

Am I supposed to put the html+javascript version on the page? Or does the script need to go elsewhere other than the html element?