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Mapscaper - Plan, Map and Manage outdoor properties using Google Maps

Hi Everyone! :wave:

I’m finally ready to show the community what I’ve recently built on bubble! Below you can find information about the app and in the bottom section, details about how it was built.

So without further ado meet Mapscaper!

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Mapscaper is a tool that allows you to create an event map and know exactly where everything is. Get a birds eye view of your full property map and draw routes and areas, place equipment and crew all while our intelligent system puts together real-time reports and operational statistics unique to your map.

For more info you can:

Or just reach out to me, I love talking bubble or anything tech and welcome any feedback. :wave:

Now for the fun part, how its built!

Of course, its built on everyone’s favorite no code platform bubble! The app is fully converted to the new and better responsive engine so it works on mobile just fine but is best suited for desktop. The main map editor page has 298 workflows with many being custom events (yay parameters!). All the map items on the map and their related data is automatically saved and the page can be reloaded anytime. Users can share individual maps(view/edit) or share their entire workspace with other collaborators (kind of like airtable). I’ve also made use of many advanced bubble features with some highlights below.

  • Custom events (menus & ui changes, all drawing & loading of the shapes, calculations)
  • Backend api workflows (stripe, user sharing, emailing, deleting, data sync)
  • Database triggers (measurement calculations, debug/dev alerts, setting feature set)
  • Option sets (colors, shape types, statuses, fonts, measurement unit display, (more 25+)

I also used a few plugins from the plugin shop but most notably and heavily used is What3Words (complete) + Google Maps made by @pork1977gm. While I have been pushing it to its limits over the past few months of development, Paul and his team have been frequently updating the plugin with additional features and bug fixes making this plugin one of the best and most stable. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Although I’ve created several apps on Bubble, this is my first time releasing one with the community. I’ve been using bubble since 2018 tinkering and making internal apps, even a game. I can’t wait to see how bubble and the no code space continue to evolve in the years to come. If you want to learn more about me and the projects I’ve worked on you can find more information on my portfolio

If you made it this far you’re the real MVP :clap: :ok_hand:


Love it @justinnnnnn !!

Cracking job on creating this, you got some awesome functionality going on there! Glad you finally got it all done, good luck with the release and all that!


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