Looking to hire someone to develop something similar to www.drawmyroof.com

drawmyroof.com is a feature rich web app that allows users to measure their roof space after entering an address and drawing a polygon on what looks like a static map. The program does lots of other cool things such as populating a graphic for each solar panel that would fit within the given area, and letting the user know the amount of production they could get from that. I am not looking to have that aspect developed as I believe I can achieve this through the PV Watts API. I’m stumped on how to integrate an interactive map that users can draw a polygon on and then of course using the data produced, like area and such, in subsequent workflows. Could this be done by simply embedding the right JS code or does a plugin need to be developed?

Anything to point me in the right direction would be much appreciated and I am also willing to hire someone who thinks they could figure this out.

Thanks very much and happy new year!

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Hi Tom,

Happy New Year!
I could help you out with this…
You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com

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Are you an actual Bubble user or are you a lead generator for (often times big offshore web/app developer ‘farms’) an agency?

Sorry is this directed at me? I am a bubble user although I do live in Canada. My main gig is solar if you couldn’t tell so I’m working on making something useful for my company to design and send proposals with. The roof measurement tool would be bad ass for this. I have made a working app with bubble that I sold to a client. You can check it out at app.snapcatch.ca if you’re interested.

No sorry I was responding to the person above.

As for your request I think you could leverage the Google maps API which I think allows you to draw polygons. I’d also recommend looking for plugins created by @jarrad. He might have something that suits your needs.

Be careful without outsourcing your work and make sure you don’t pay too much :wink:


Hi @tom1,

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+1 @vincent56 #Awareness :+1:

I remember receiving similar proposals a while ago (from people without any Bubble knowledge) in response to a small API connector question. I connected to a developer who was proposing to help with authentication outside Bubble as he had no idea how API connector works. He asked for blocking 4 hours of his time just to study how things will work with Bubble.


I know the post is a little dated. However I am looking for something very similar to @tom1. Tom would love to discuss and see how far you got in the process.

Or if anyone is open to this kind of work please PM me with your contact information. I am looking to pick a point on the map and draw the perimeter of an area. I have predefined rectangles that i want to drop in that area. Being able to delete them move them around or rotate the area. I have a working prototype but need better zoom and ability to send the image (html2canvas) to a server. As well as the json information for the shapes.

Perhaps you could use the Google API https:// youth. be/ XlAjaDDDl2Y (don’t know the source of the video).

Don’t know how you would determine the slope of the roof from an image to extrapolate the actual area.

Your thoughts,

Thanks for the reply.

Continuing the discussion from Looking to hire someone to develop something similar to www.drawmyroof.com:

I have a prototype that I built. I am currently using Googles Map API and let them draw a polygon on the map. I can then auto layout a bunch of rectangles in the polygon using a best fit algorithm. I can click and move, rotate and delete. However I have some problems that I have not been able to resolve.

  1. DrawMyRoof and other tools like it seem to magnify the zoom level more than google allows figure they are zooming by magnification. When i do that when I click to place points that doesnt work right.
  2. Need to be able to store the result as a image. Tried html2canvas but it doesnt like the fact that it is on a different domain (cors?).
  3. As you mentioned the slope. I am sure someone who has some more detail of geometry can figure that out. Google is showing you top down so they are showing you the flat area now if you know the pitch of the roof we can write a formula to calculate the hypotenuse. Then put something in to scale the panel’s to the ratio of flat/hypotenuse.

I don’t need to build from scratch need to find someone who has more experience in this area. #1 and #2 are my big concerns at this point.

Hello @tom1,

Please check my post and add me on Skype.