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Hi all,

I was chatting the other day with @romanmg about the idea of setting up a new category for marketing ideas.

I make the sweeping generalisation that most user of Bubble want to build new products for themselves or provide development solutions for others. Either way marketing your product or service is crucial to your success.

A new marketing channel on this forum could become a great place to share successes (and failures) of how to get to a chosen audience, pricing of products/services etc.

I appreciate there is a mountain of marketing blogs, videos, tools on the internet but this could be a good way to help filter out and get to the good stuff.

Bubble gives us the platform on which to build a really great technical solution. We could use this category to try and help each other to find marketing solutions too.

It also will have a good positive effect for everyone, the more successful Bubble created apps and services are the more successful Bubble becomes. Everyone wins. :grinning:

Perhaps if enough people think it’s a good idea @emmanuel might set up the new category for us?


I think you’ll find that is exactly what the “showcase” is for

You will also find by bubblewits or by @pauljamess to promote your app

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Hey Bubbleboy.

Agreed the showcase is a good option, but it is just a way of showing what you have done, not to have a discussion on how you are finding good solutions for promoting.

I think the discussion could focus on things like the best ways of getting and using free LinkedIn and Facebook advert credits.

What successful tone of voice in an email campaign got you the best results.

That type of thing. Make sense?