Hi, I am new to Bubble. I am building a marketplace app. I’m stuck at the point how to save an order with products from different sellers. When an Order is made, the data like products, buyer info are stored under one Order no. But it actually need to store as different info records for each seller with same Order no. I actually tried to add the list of sellers as custom state but I am stuck with how to create new Orders with same order no for different sellers. The table should be something like this:
OrderNo ---- Items ---- Buyer ---- Seller
01 ------------ a,b ------- Buyer1 ---- Seller1
01 ------------ c,d -------- Buyer1---- Seller2

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I think that you need to have a information about Seller as a relational field in a Products table.

THis way you can getting this info for each product (item) in checkout buyer.

To produce the order I suggest create 2 tables:

  • ItemOrder - to save each product and its information
  • CartOrder - to resumo all ItemOrder. Here you can have a field list of ItemOrders

These are a first steps :slight_smile:

Thanks @dualpixel for your suggestion. It helped us to formulate a solution.

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Great to know!