Marketplace builders, how are you handling / applying sales tax?

Hi all, I developed and launched a marketplace app, and I’m wondering what others are doing to obtain the proper sales tax per state for a given transaction.

I see there’s a plugin for Tax Cloud. Is anyone using that? Can you share you experience with it? Does it allow you to simply pull the appropriate state tax percentage based on the seller location, and then you multiply that by your cart total? Or are you using something else?

I figure this could be a good thread for marketplace developers to share best practices to help each other ensure we’re complying with tax collection laws, which admittedly is not my forte.


Bumpity bump! So much more forum traffic these days than “back in the day”.

Anyone else in the same boat as I am with marketplaces?

Stripe has integrations with different sales tax apps. The one I’m looking at doesn’t have any established partnerships with Bubble or Zapier. I am looking for a way to connect without doing something custom but it seems like I can at least start with the integration from Stripe.

Hopefully, others see this and can offer suggestions as we can’t be the only ones.