Adding tax to checkout with Stripe Plug In

Hey everyone,

I have a marketplace app where vendors can invoice clients for services. I’m using the Bubble-built stripe plug in. When I use the action Charge the Current User, I have the option to add tax.

I’ve been trying to finagle this to work for weeks and I am just struggling.

If I add tax rate to check out, is that pulling a tax rate from the seller (payee?).
How can I specify which tax rate to use, if my sellers might have different tax rates?
Is there a way to display the full amount + tax to the client before they pay?

Any help or example workflows that I could poke around would be super appreciated! Thank you!

Hello! The easiest way to handle this might be in your Bubble database rather than in Stripe: calculate the transaction total in the app first, and then send that info to Stripe for finalization. This way, your sellers could define their own tax rates.

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We’ve certainly considered that! My biggest roadblock with that is that then it’s not being reported as tax in stripe, it’s just one singular charge, which would make accounting more difficult for our users. It could be a workaround for now though!

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