Marketplace templates

Hello everybody,

I am the author of a marketplace for markets entirely built on bubble that has been fully functionnal for several monthes already (
In short, the marketplace includes most of the features that a marketplace like airbnb has (search, registration, payments, sms, emails, internal messaging, notifications, comments, profiles, etc.)

I am starting to release some parts of it as paid templates, so that people can gain time building their own marketplace and have access to something that is fully working in production.

For a starting, I just released a template covering only our help center, which you can see live here:
The template itself is available here:

Some more parts are coming, and maybe I could prioritize by what the community wants.
I thought about releasing the whole website as a template, but there are sooooo many functionnalities that I am afraid this would be a mess and quite hard for people to fully understand.

My aim is to mainly provide functionnal parts, and not some kind of rip-off of well known websites. I think that Bubble allows us to easily make beautiful websites, but that some specific features can be hard to achieve. So I see templates more as learning material.

Are there any part of the website you would like to see released as templates ?


can‘t access the demo with your link

I see, this seems like a Bubble bug, I will try to see how to solve this.

Ok it seems that deleting the app the template was created from also deletes the template…
I hope the bubble team will be able to restore it because I didn’t see any menton about template being actually linked to apps :frowning:

In the meaning time, I just finished to publish our messaging system template.

You can access it there:

And this time the preview is working :wink:

Features in short:
• Supports conversation with multiple users
• Supports multiple conversations with the same users
• Secure: data privacy is well handled so that other users cannot access to any conversation or message content
• Fully-responsive: all pages and reusable elements display nicely on all screen sizes
• Read/Non-read status to only display new conversations if needed
• Access all your previous conversation
• Header menu that notifies adn display all non-read conversations
• Beautifully styled
• Nice contact popup

It should be working now :slight_smile: