Mass find/replace on app JSON file

This is a way to make the same change to many elements in an app, not the data the app maintains.

Suppose you have created a Customer datatype with 20 fields. On the UI form, you have 20 groups (one for each field). Each group contains a text element with the field name, and an input element (input, radio, drop down, etc.) to allow the user to enter data for the field. Usually, the element name includes “Customer” to help to find elements. Now suppose you decide “Client” or “Guest” or “Patient” is a more accurate or understandable name for the datatype. There are 60 (3x20) element names to be changed as well as any action buttons you’ve created. Since the Bubble editor doesn’t have a find/replace function you have to do this manually which is slow, tedious and error-prone. Or, you can export the app as a JSON file, use a text editor to make the changes (JSON is just a text file) and import the updated JSON file. Bubble automatically does a save before the import so you can always get back to where you were if something goes wrong. To be safe, you should do a regression test.

Although it is trickier, you can use this approach to do mass changes to width, height, X or Y and other attributes as well.

Note, you have to be on a paid plan to export/import the app to/from JSON.

This is the equivalent of using a power saw that can cut a hundred 2x4s far faster than a handsaw or, slice off your fingers if you aren’t careful. It’s not to be used lightly but when you have to make the same change to a large number of elements, it can save you a ton of work and prevent errors.