[New Feature] Download app file as JSON


We just added an option for apps on a paid plan to download a file representing your application (in a given version, live or development). You’ll find this button at the bottom of the general section in the Settings Tab, and clicking on it will generate a appname.bubble file. You can save this file for your reference.


Hi @emmanuel,

What is the purpose of this? Can’t think of any use case.

Some users, often in corporation, want to be able to save the file for their reference or submit it to some people/organizations.


Just found a use case.

I’m assuming you can download live and dev files and compare the contents through software before deploying changes to make sure there is no forgotten developments changes that can introduce regression errors in production, right?

To confirm with you @emmanuel

Are the contents generated following the same order?

Will this open a gateway to soon exporting apps in a format that can be hosted elsewhere/have code ownership @emmanuel? I know the builder doesn’t write direct code that is exportable at the moment.

This is not currently on the roadmap


This really gives greater insight as to how Bubble is structured.

I’ve often wondered what these bTInH0 type codes mean. In the editor I see them mostly associated with errors on Group Focus elements, when the group to focus on is deleted.

"bTInH0": { "properties": { "element_id": "bTKBy" }, "type": "ButtonClicked", "id": "bTKCP", "actions": { "0": { "properties": { "element_id": "AAD" }, "type": "ChangePage", "id": "bTKCQ" }

@emmanuel, Is there any reason to understand these? Could they be dynamically targeted in the DOM, above and beyond the ID Attribute? Or are these “core bubble” IDs on our elements?

Bubble is a no-code platform

I understand, but the platform creates code.

Could it be a backup (albeit rudimentary)?

Another case is provide the “code” for registering / trademarking the app.


Hi @emmanuel many enterprise clients want on-premise platforms. I think bubble should allow for such option. But please do not forget the regular user :).


So, when I go to delete an app I get a big scary disclaimer that says I either need to keep looking at it on my dashboard forever or be 1,000% sure it should be gone forever.

Now that I can export the json that’s less of a big deal because I can always re-import the json and recreate my app later?

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We haven’t built that importing feature yet but it’s on the roadmap.


Are these downloadable JSON application files in the form of the Abstract Syntax Trees described in @josh’s Trees in the Clouds medium post? Or are they something different all together?

cc: @emmanuel

hello @emmanuel , love bubble, thanks for building a great platform!

is the json file how I can access my source code so I can begin the process for submitting to the app store?

The Json file is only for reference (backup for a specific case) purpose and can’t be used for any app store or any other use. You need Bubble interpreter to read that file. If Bubble become open source, it will be possible to use that file.

@emmanuel I am on a paid plan “Professional” I know is legacy, but is what it works for me at the moment, you clearly said "on a paid plan " but i am not able to use this option.

Thank you

Is there any other way to download the file other than manually clicking the button? Such as a command or a call.

Did this ever come to fruition? Or still on roadmap?