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I am trying to make a matching app. I read many topics and followed the exemples but I didnt get it (@mikeloc , @NigelG @romanmg )

I have 3 options sets : Categories, Animals and activities. It is important to be option set because at the end they will be other lists.

I would like the current user (connected) to have a sum of the commun point with the other users (count) and the list of the commun points (display).

I tried the “intersect with” and the “advances filtred” but i must made a mistake (i am not an expert…).

I opened my app on edit to be easier to explain.
Sabona | Bubble Editor

To see the element, you have to go in the account page then :

Thanks for the help !

Hi there, @Namibi… I didn’t want to mess around in your app, so I made an example that I believe does what you described. I have the three option sets you mentioned, and I have list fields on the User data type that link to the option sets. Oh, and if you haven’t already turned on the experimental parentheses feature in your app, well, that’s how I got the brackets to appear in my expressions (just anticipating that question).

With the above setup in place, the repeating group’s data source is simply Search for Users:minus item Current User with no constraints on the search.

Then, I have a disabled input element in the repeating group that shows a sum of the intersects across all three lists.


Finally, here is a text element that displays the activities that the current user and the current cell’s user have in common.


You would have a similar text element for categories and animals, and I hope this helps.



Thank you mike for your time, It’s helps a lot !!

Don’t worry about messing with the app, that’s my copie :slight_smile:
It works, but for the last screen, i can make another sentence with display :

Do you know how i can solve this please ? i am not doing the ( ), it’s automatic after adding this features
And the copy/past of the first expression doesnt work

Just select :each item’s Display and it will appear as Display.

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It works !! thanks a lot, this is a great day !! :smiley:

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