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Matching/penpal website. Is it possible with Bubble?

Hi there!

A few months ago I created this MVP website: The principle is pretty simple: we semi randomly match users with another user once a month.

Right now we’re doing this by hand with spreadsheets and a typeform.

Would it be possible with bubble to:

  • create a user with an account and add some interests to this user
  • match one user with another once a month based on their interest, nationality, etc.
  • automatically send an email to this two users to let them know they can start talking to each other
  • why not having an on-site chat for this two users but not a priority

Thanks for your help guys!

Hey @yo1 Yoann,

I like Happenstance - pretty cool idea. Everything you’ve asked for can be done on Bubble -

  • You can create a user with an account - set up a profile page and let the user select (through dropdown)/ add interests (through input fields)

  • Matching can be done - I am sure, someone has asked a similar question in the forum elsewhere. I’ve not tried this myself, but it’s doable. You’ve always got @romanmg and the other folks who have private sessions to ask for help (there are other coaches too, I follow her newsletter)

  • Automatically send emails to 2 users - this is interesting. You can do scheduled workflows (not on free plan). I am about to get started on this for my use case (I want to send an automatic email to a user when a condition is met). I am not sure yet how the implementation would look like for your use case

  • chat? - doable - this guy did this Hackr - The Unofficial (Built on) Bubble Chat

Although if you are trying to test out your idea / MVP - what you have now should suffice. But if you want to try something longer term (i.e. a year atleast) then worth going for Bubble. Making anything responsive on Bubble isn’t as easy as designing! Making it responsive does take a lot of effort - it’s very flexible - but it takes effort.


Hey there and welcome to Bubble!

Responses to the points:

1 - Yes
2 - Yes, but this would require some creativity to design the matching workflow and also you would need to at least be on the paid Personal Account to Schedule the workflow at a future date in time (once a month)
3 - Yes, very much related to #2 of scheduling a workflow to send an email when the match happens
4 - Yes

Overall this sounds like perfect fit for a Bubble App. If you get using Bubble and need help with the details on how to find, match and notify users just put up a forum post with specifics on where you are stuck and there are lots of great people here who will provide quick help

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Thanks a lot Fait!!! I’ll get into exploration mode right away then! Feel free to get onboard with Happenstance :slight_smile:

Great news!!! thanks a lot for your help! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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