Is 'match making' app possible with Bubble?


Before I invest more time in Bubble could someone tell me whether my idea is feasible? There was a similar question on the forum but sadly no one replied to it.

I would like users to be able to view a list of other registered users who meet certain criteria, for example, age distance, and to be able to send those users messages.
Can bubble handle this? Thank you.

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Yeah, it’s feasible. I’m working on something similar for a friend of mine and have the basic logic in place. It depends on what how you have it set up and what you’re looking to match on, but there should be a way to do it.

Yes, this is possible.

Yes. Definitely possible. Takes time to implement.

Not hard at all. You can create a data type called USER, for example, and add the fields you need (age, distance, etc). Then, create a Repeating Group that searches for USERS with the criteria you want (you can do that with constraints).

If you want to clone a Tinder-like experience (where you only can see the next user after you liked or disliked the current one) and if both sides like the other you get access to chat with each other, it’s quite easy too.

Many thanks for all your advice. I’m a new mum and only have time to do this when my baby is asleep, so I really appreciate your help and I’m happy I will be able to do what I have in mind with Bubble. I would like to make an app to help specific employers find employees. So, I will need users to register as an employer or employee and fill out a form about location, availability, price, experience, etc. Then, employers will get a list of matching employees they will be able to contact. The app will be in Polish. If you have any other tips, please let me know. I’ve just started doing the bubble lessons so I’m very new to this. I understand I can start with the basic/free account and when I’m happy with my app and want to release it I can easily switch to one of the paid accounts, but perhaps I need the paid account already for more complex features?


Good points, thank you!

Definitely possible. One of our courses teaches how to build a Swiping Dating App like Tinder, including building a matching system, messaging system, mobile UI and deploying to Android through PhoneGap :slight_smile:


Hi, is there a course for deploying a dating app on ios?