Measure storage used per user

Hi All,

Is there a way to measure total data storage used per user, I mean all type of data (all texts, images, files), directly from bubble’s dbase.


From what I was told by bubble, text doesn’t count toward storage, or at least it is so minimal as to be a non-issue and that they only charge for images and files that are stored.

With that in mind, what you can do is save the images and files as “private” and attach them to a user or thing. Then make sure in your D.B. you save the URL so that at a later point you can delete if need be. What you should be able to do is to set up a database data type that tracks the users file uploads and image uploads and the associated size of them.

In my mind, there would be a variety of ways to track the total storage of a user once a solid understanding of the file manager system is understood. I also believe Bubble is making the file manager system more robust and will probably make it much easier to track total storage of a particular user.

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@boston85719 thank you! It is clear explanation. Im not yet familiar with bubble’s file manager but i think i can start to learn