Storage progress for users?

Hi All,

Does anyone know of a way to track how much storage each user is using? In my pricing model, I’d like to include 5GB of storage per client, with the option of them purchasing more.

I need to figure out a way to display a progress bar or percentage of what they’ve used and how much they have left, as well as alerting them when it’s either full or close too.

Has anyone done this before or know if it’s even possible?


If they are uploading things you could keep a log of filesize of each uploaded item?


Hey @simon,

Thanks for the suggestion. They will be uploading files so that’s something I’ll look into doing. I was also looking into the size of the database. For instance, they fill out a ton of reports which are saved to a thing. And am looking to keep track of the size of the thing associated with each client.

Don’t know a way of measuring the data in the DB, but my guess is if it’s all text it will be small like a few 100k max per record. It is files & images that will eat the storage.

One test maybe to export a table from the DB to csv and see how big the file is?