Merge files(Display photo and a list of photos) just for diplay and not in the database

Hey! I have built a marketplace of online fitness coaches:

What I want to do: Display profile pictures of fitness coaches and more photos(like testimonials, client transformations etc)

What I am using: Wonderful Image Slider(Plugin)(for mobile only)

Problem: I cant merge two data sets(backend table screenshot below)

  1. Profile photo(single file)
  2. coach photos(list of images)

What is currently happening:
Screenshot 2023-05-01 at 3.27.30 PM

What I want to do: Merge coach photos(list of photos) and coach profile picture inside Wonderful image slider.

Because profile photo is only one and not a list you will have to use “Parent group’s Coach_profile’s Coach_images:plus item Parent group’s Coach_profile’s profile photo.”

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Damnnnnnn. Thank you so much!!

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