Slick slideshow list of images


i would like to use the slick slideshow, but i need to connect it not to a list of images, but to different fields in a database.

Imagine tripadvisor: i wanna make a specific data type called “Hotel images”. In this data type, i’ve got a “hotel name” field, that connects each element to the main hotel data type. Then i have 10 fields called “image 1”, imagne 2, image 3…image 9. How can i connect the slick slideshows so it takes the images from those 9 different fields?

iNote that i’m not creating a single “imagine” field configured as a list because it gives me some issue in the workflows realted to the modification of those images directly by the hotel owner.

Can someone please tell mehow to configure the slideshow? (in particular the fields in the screenshots)


Hi, to use list of images
when uploading you should edit your workflow as following

images add uploader 1
images add uploader 2
images add uploader 3

so you upload images not to different image variables, therefore it is necessary to add your photos to images (which is list of images)

so your solution lies in workflow



Hi @nurzhan

I have the same feature as @escaperoomers and I have already set the workflow to add the list of images as you suggested. However, when I want to edit them, this presents another challenge. It’s necessary to edit the images following the desired order and avoiding repeating or to stack images that won’t be used. I hope I make myself clear.

So, do you have any idea about how can we get to accomplish this functionality of editing a list of images? What workflow should be used?

Thanks in advance for your help

Hey @escaperoomers ,

as far as i have understood your problem, i think you should go with the Repeating Group.
give a proper type of content, data source, number of rows and columns.
I am sure this is gonna help you.

If you want detailed explanation how to do it please upload the images of you data so that i could understand it completely.

Hey @juan.roberto.garzon ,
Can you please explain your problem in detail so that i could help you.?
It will be more easy with images uploaded.

Is there a Slick slideshow-alike for Videos?