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Merge groups in repeating group

Hello everyone, in my application a doctor can see in a repeating group, the list of all his patients.

In my database there are two types of patients, one is type user and the other is type dependent. The dependent type are those that are not user, but were created by a user so that they can have an appointment.

The problem arises when in the reppeating group I want to show those user patients and dependent patients in the same list, for which I try to merge two groups that have been previously grouped, but apparently this is not possible.


Can someone tell me why this happens and how can I fix it?

Hii @dieter.wjg

is it necessary to use group by ?why don’t you try filtered in place of group by and then use merged with . attaching screenshot it will be helpful if you can share the error screenshot which you got in bubble

Hope it give you some idea

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