"Merged with" not working

I have a couple of RepeatingGroup Data Sources that are not properly running the “Merge with” function. I have an “Invoice” data type that has a “Status” property that pulls from an Option Set. I am trying to merge a list of Invoices that have the Status “Received” with a list that has the Status “Updated”. Each list must be filtered from the “Current User’s Contracts” which are also being filtered (but not merged) with the Status “Posted / Active”.

I have verified that the filters are finding the right invoices, but for some reason, my list is only outputting the “Updated” entries, and not the “Received” Entries. This changes depending on the order of the “Merge with” operation.


Need to enable paranthesis feature in the app settings because the last filter is filtering the entire expression

Once you enable the feature you can do (list 1:filtered) merged with (list 2 filtered)


Thank you! This fixed it.