Workflow error - Could not connect to remote server error

One of the APIs in my app from Tatum that deploys a fungible token contract was working fine till recently, it started throwing an error in workflow that it couldn’t connect to remote server.

Is this a bubble server side issue as i couldn’t see any error logs in Tatum dashboard & also checking on blockchain that the token contract was deployed. But did not get any response back from API to save contract address etc.

Another funny thing is that the API call is sometimes getting randomly sent 3-5 times and multiple token contracts are getting deployed with similar values. Same is happening while using an API to transfer tokens, it hits 3 times even though the button is pressed only once.

Can @bubble support pls have a look at this?

Are you using a plugin? That is using a server side action? And this plugin is not updated with the last Bubble plugin version/node version?

Using API connector, not plugins

Is it working in API Connector? Be sure your request in WF have a valid JSON and if everything is fine (work in API Connector and your json is valid), you may need to reach Bubble support. The error should be related to endpoint not available (so not a Bubble error) but we see some strange issue since a few days with API Connector.

Was working in api connector till yesterday, now it shows esocket timeout error as below. JSON is all fine. Have connected to support & they are looking into it.