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Message "Received" Notification

I’ve configured a messaging system using a thread (thing) and messages within that thread…

Is there a way to have the system MONITOR for changes to the thread?

And when a change is noticed, meaning a NEW message is received into the database from a user, the receiving user gets notified of the new message by email and is provided a link to the applications messaging area to respond to the message accordingly?

Yes, so you can either have a condition on an element that changes when “message count > 0”. And maybe displays a count.

Or, you could do “Trigger a custom event when data changes”. And watch for changes to, say, a messageWaiting flag on the user.

Hey Justin,

how did you resolve your issue at the end? What method did you use?

I like the idea with “message count >”. The problem is: What about conversations that you already started and message count is over 0? I would like to have a notification whenever there is a new message in a conversation. Whether that is a new conversation or an old one.

my idea would be something like this:
message (thing) has a field called “read”. that field is a “0”. Only When user has clicked on the message to open it then you put a 1 for read in it. BUT what about chats? when the message is just displayed. Is there a way to make changes just because the message has beend displayed/shown to the user?