Message "you cannot copy this application"

hello everybody,
I’m new to bubble world (2 weeks) I’m trying to develop my first App.
Whenever I initiate changes, I make a copy of the previous version and move the copy, just in case.
the last time I tried to do this I got the following message: “you cannot copy this application”
this happened after i made about 15 copies…
I started by modifying a Free template from EZcode and I’m using the trial version of bubble.
Can someone help me?

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Having the same issue, can anybody help please?

I think it has to do with the amount of copies one can create but I’m not sure.
I am having the same issue, can anybody help please?

Don’t create copies. No need to have a copy after you made changes, just keep developing the same app. If you need different versions use the version feature or use the history feature to revert back to a time before you made the changes.

Thanks for the information. I forgot to specify that I am working on a free plan so, I don’t have access to those really nice features.

yes, there is a limit on copies of apps, bubble support confirmed this to me.