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Hey how are you guys! My friend is trying to give me a copy of a source code. I know you need to make a copy, go to settings, put in the email, & press transfer, done! But sadly for him, transfer doesn’t show up, only invite… for me, it does! I don’t get it! Any help?
Question 2) my bubble app is a “template”, what does this mean, & how do I remove the template & simply make it an application? Thank you guys!

Anybody know?

Hi @jakecalle.02 :slight_smile: My understanding is that you can’t remove a template from an app, and you can’t currently transfer an app made from a template (but I’m not 100% sure!)

Hey! When I go to collaboration I see transfer & invite, when he goes to collaboration, he only sees invite!
& my app is a template & I want to remove the template but I don’t know how.

@fayewatson Why not? I wasn’t aware of that. I bought a template when I first started but ended up never using any of it. Created my own pages throughout. Just this weekend I went through and cleaned up a lot of the pages I wasn’t using, including the template pages. Works fine.

Am I misunderstanding something?

@gnelson Right, you can remove the pages/functionality from the template, as you would normally delete things :slight_smile: I just meant that you can’t remove the Template section of the app; it will still have the template associated with the application:


@jakecalle.02 Does your friend own the app that he is trying to transfer? Or is he a collaborator? If he doesn’t have the option to transfer it, I’m assuming it’s because he either doesn’t own the app or it’s a template? (Also, I’m not sure why you have the option to transfer a template app, unless it wasn’t purchased from the template store?)

My application was given to me by a friend but it says template. I can transfer it and invite people to it but he can’t I’m not sure why it’s kind of weird.

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That’s funny. That’s been there all along and I never noticed it. I’ve clicked on everything else but seems that escaped my curiosity. :roll_eyes: LOL.

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Ah, that happens to me all the time! I look through the app editor and say, “Huh! Who knew!” :joy:

He said it’s a collaboration, I think that’s why he can’t transfer a copy to me.

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