MessageBird API intergration

Hi freelancers,

I am searching for someone who can integrate the MessageBird API (FYI: Company is now called Bird),.

I already have a basis, and everything ready to make sure to get the API working as fast as possible.

Hopefully someone can do this job today. I am able to pay €75 for this.


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MessageBird has more than one API. Which one(s) are you interested in?
You should be more specific about what you’d like the integration to do, as this greatly impacts the amount of required work.

To get useful responses, provide some extra requirements and specifications.

Good one Nico! I want the integration to send a SMS verification to our customers who fill in forms. We will send a link, and when they click on it they get verified (this is already build). The API needs to send the message to a dynamic number, with a dynamic URL that will be send via the bubble app.

Hi @jona,

We can surely be of help on this. Kindly check DM. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: