Customer to customer messaging - External API suggestions?

I’m building a marketplace which allows people to get hired. This works via Stripe Connect (seller deposits funds, which are released upon job completion).

As part of the system, I need sellers (hirers) and customers (applicants) to chat to one another via the platform. I realise I could set this up via Bubble, but am wondering if there are any pre-built solutions I could take advantage of. Eventually I envisage thousands of messages per day, so would like to build this out on an external platform to alleviate database load on Bubble. another reason behind these thoughts are notification systems.

Thanks for reading, and all suggestions are welcomed.

You could use Twilio to send messages.

Hi @NigelG, I’m thinking I didn’t explain myself correctly. I’m basically looking for in-app messaging using an API (like Facebook Messenger for example), rather than SMS.

Ah, ok. Why do you need an API ? Just build the message system in bubble ?

Yeah I realise I could do that, but just wondering if there was something else I could use to negate doing this.

This might be a duplicate post for future readers :slight_smile:

Hi Matt,

Here is an awesome messaging app, developed on bubble, by @fayewatson:

I’m using it and love it!

Appreciate the link. Whilst the functionality is great, it’s a little overkill for what I need. Messages will be one to one between site users. Only text and files are needed. I’m reworked the airdev messaging system above and this is working for me.

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