Metered Billing with Stripe.js Plugin By Copilot?

Hello Everyone,
Im helping a friend out with a bubble app, and I cannot get the stripe.js plugin to do metered billing. We are building a job placement bubble app where we charge employers a flat-fee based on the number of applications they receive for a particular job post. There are two possible subscriptions - one tier where they are charged $25 for every application received for a job post, and another tier where they are charged $50 per job post. Under the two tiers, the employer will be charged based on how many applications they receive at the end of the month. It is possible in stripe to set this up in stripe with metered payments and creating usage records, however I do not see the option in the stripe.js plugin made by @copilot. I was wondering if anybody had found a way to do this? Or if there was a workaround, or something that I haven’t considered. Any help would be great, as we are actively demo-ing with interested employers who are ready and waiting to sign on.


Any thoughts on this @copilot ? Just trying to see how to go about solving the problem. I understand that y’all are incredibly busy; so I won’t take any help or advice that you give, for granted.


I’m facing the same problem with similar use case, did you find a solution ?

Hello my apologies for seeing this 6 months later. Unfortunately, I was unable to figure it out.