Subscription on a per-seat basis


I was wondering if it’s possible to build a per-seat subscription model on Bubble using Stripe maybe, without needing any other external plugin or API?

Has anyone managed to do this?


hey @alasadi.m1738 stripe supports this but it’s not exposed through the stripe plugin built by bubble.

You’ll either have to use another stripe plugin and check if the licensed / metered usage features are supported or do it yourself with the api connector (the stripe api is pretty easy to use).

Read about it here → How to model subscriptions

Hey @Kayami

Thanks for this - I think when I was setting up the payments in Stripe, it said something about ‘per seat’ basis but I’m not sure.

The metered usage thing is completely different to this, no?

I’ll look into the API docs and set up.

Thanks again

Hi, did you find a plugin for per seat subscriptions? What did you do? Thanks

Just to clarify - this is supported using our plugin. The “quantity” field on the “subscribe the user to a plan” action will increase the number of “seats” the user is subscribing to.


@sam.morgan Hello! I need to build a per seat billing, but i’m finding it very complicated. Is there any resource that can explain step by step on how to do this? I think it’s a feature that many people will need since bubble is perfect for SAAS and a how to guide would be very well appreciated, maybe in video format so to see what has to be done and what is the reasoning behind each step. Thanks for the help!