Method of constructing DB

Hello everyone, I am regularly confronted with the call for data in the different groups and repetitive groups as well as in the WF and I would like to know what is the best practice to apply in my use case

I have users who can register in one or more teams with a user or admin role for that team. In each team, members can register for one or more events. In each event, the user must choose recording parameters related to this event (mainly OS)

For this, I built my database like this:

Data type: User
Data type: Team
Data type: Satellite_Equipe (in preparation)
Data type: Event
Data type: Event_inscription (reference of a user and an event)
Data type: Team_registration (reference of a user and a team)

I am not going to detail the fields but I created the following single or list type connections:

Team_inscription = list of team_inscription to which he is a member
Évent_inscription = list of event_inscription to which it is registered.

Data type: Team
Team_registration = list of team_registration
Évent = list of event

Data type: Satellites_Team (Forecast for future additions)

Data type: event
Event_registration = list of Event_registration
Team = Team

Data type: Registration_event
Name = User
event = event
Team = Team
Choice 1 = OS
Choice 2…

Data type: Team_registration
Name = User
Team = Team
Role = OS Choice 1, 2…

I have the impression that I have not realized the best method of constructing the DB but for all that, it works well.

Is it necessary to create links that multiply the updating of data?
Example of WF for someone who registers for an event: create a new entry “event_registration” then add this entry to the list of the “Event” DB and finally add it to the list of the “User”

I wonder whether the event registration and event DBs will multiply unnecessary data because for a user who is registered for 20 events there will be 20 entries in the Event_registration DB and therefore X100 X1000 user that seems like a lot to me.
Thank you for your advice and opinions :pray:

I think the Lists you are using might have more than 30 items so you try to avoid instead do a search for is better. I know Do a search for increases the payload but you can reduce it by using correct privacy rules

don’t worry about no of records as long as data weight per record is less you will not compromise on performance this is as per my understanding
Hope this helps


thank you for your opinion, indeed the lists could have more than 30 elements I would have to limit the searches or that I plan different Satellite databases for the searches (as I plan for the teams)

ok for the last point I worry a little less in this case and that reassures me a little to continue in this direction :+1:

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